The laboratory was established in 1993 as an inter-departmental structural educational and scientific unit intended to provide laboratory workshops for general professional and special disciplines of ecological and geographical profile, as well as research activities of staff, post-graduate students and students of the faculty in the field of bio-indication, eco-geochemistry and monitoring of the environment. The head of the laboratory is a graduate of the Biology and Soil Faculty of VSU V.Sivachenko.
The material and technical base of the laboratory includes basic chemical laboratory designed for microscopy and all kinds of laboratory and instrumental studies of environmental objects: atmosphere, water, soil, biota samples.
Educational activity is carried out during the laboratory workshops on the following disciplines: General Ecology, Biology, Geochemistry of the Environment, Hydrochemistry, Soil Science, Soil Ecology, Soil Chemistry, Industrial Sanitation, Environmental Technologies, Analytical Methods of Environmental Control , Microbiology, Toxicology and Bio-testing .
On the basis of the laboratory, the cameral stage of summer field practices (ecological-analytical on bio-identification and bio-testing) is carried out for students, with the use of the latest equipment for express analyzes of soil and water samples and indication of aquatic ecosystems and plant communities state.

The research activity of the laboratory is realized in the following main directions:

  • Eco-geochemistry and hydrochemistry of natural waters, analysis of the quality of surface water in the Middle Don basin; assessment of soil and snow cover contamination in residential areas of the city of Voronezh and the suburban zone (supervisor - Associate Professor T. Prozhorina);
  • Bio-testing of surface water quality: investigation of mutagenic effects in aquatic organisms inhabiting the Voronezh reservoir and water bodies in the suburban area of ??the city (supervisor - Associate Professor E. Ivanova);
  • Bio-indication and eco-geochemistry of the environment: studying the reactions of woody plants to environmental pollution (The supervisor- the candidate of geology of M. Mikheeva).




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