was founded in 1934.

In the course of its activity it relies on fundamental educational and scientific traditions.

This faculty of VSU has developed as the largest centre for preparation of highly qualified geo-environmental (geo-ecological) personnel - candidates and doctors of science in Russia. Outstanding scientists such as physio- geographers B.Ditmar and F.Milkov, economico- geographers K.Mirotvortsev and G.Grishin, hydrologist N.Chebotarev, climatologists A.Shipchinsky and S.Kostin brought national and world fame to GGaT and laid the foundations of fundamental geographic education, which determines the modern appearance of the faculty. GGaT retains its uniqueness, remaining the one and only educational and scientific subdivision in the university, which educational structure of the teaching and learning process is built on the organic synthesis of natural and social sciences.
Our students get an excellent geo-environmental education on the basis of three licensed directions of the bachelor's degree.
The faculty actively promotes graduates into the education sphere, design and research organizations, that are working in the field of designing and assessing the impact on the environment, regional natural -resource and environmental departments, management and programming bodies, as well as in the sphere of environmentally oriented tourism and business. A diverse humanitarian education with advanced study of pedagogy, foreign languages, foundations of environmental law and geo-information technologies allows graduates compete successfully in the modern labor market. We are working actively in modern scientific directions, focused on the study of the landscape-ecological and natural-resource potential of the Central Chernozem region, the territorial organization of the economy in the region, and the ecological and geographical bases of rational nature management in order to develop traditions of the world-famous Voronezh landscape school.
The faculty dynamically develops new scientific directions related to land reclamation landscape, socio-economic zoning, bio-indication, geochemistry of the environment, water consumer and geo-ecological monitoring. The faculty has sufficient potential for integration into the world educational environment, thats why it expands its innovative activity in the sphere of international partnership and professional contacts with foreign colleagues from Europe, Africa and Asia.
A special role is assigned to the education of the natural worldview of students - future professionals in the field of nature management and environmental protection. Priorities in this area are patriotic upbringing and interethnic pluralism, historical continuity and geographical culture, a mature civic stance and love for the Fatherland.
Preserving educational and scientific leadership among similar educational units of classical universities in Russia, the faculty of Voronezh University remains one of the leading centres of geographical culture, as it ensures the fundamental nature, continuity and sustainable development of the national ecology-geographic (geo-ecological) education.





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