Fedotov Sergey Vladimirovitch
Candidate of Geographical Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of the Chair of Recreational Geography, Regional Studies and Tourism

The Chair of Recreational Geography, Regional Studies and Tourism was established on September 1, 2011. Associate professor Fedotov Sergey Vladimirovich is the organizer and the first Head of the Chair.
The Chair realizes a full educational cycle of training specialists in the field of tourism: 1) secondary vocational education; 2) bachelor's degree; 3) Master's programme.
The main profiles of students' training are "Technology and organization of tour operator and travel agency services" (bachelor's degree) and "Theory of tourism and tourism industry" (Master's program).
The staff of the Chair has extensive experience in the field of tourism. The pedagogical team specializes in various fields of knowledge, contributing to the comprehensive training of personnel for the tourism industry.

Professor V.I. Fedotov and Associate Professor S.V. Fedotov specialize in the field of landscape and recreational geography;
Associate Professor O.V. Prokhorova and teacher D.R. Vladimirov specialize in the field of ecology and ecological tourism;
Associate Professor A.I. Zarytovskaya specializes in the field of socio-economic geography and tourism geography;
Associate Professors N.S. Sushkova and N.V. Dorokhova specialize in the field of management and marketing in tourism;
Teachers L.P. Frolova and M.O. Maslova specialize in the field of tour guidance and service;
Teacher I.V. Romanova specializes in the field of tourism design and planning.

Students of the Chair get practical skills in the travel agencies of the Voronezh region, national parks and museums of the countries of Europe, in the recreational areas of the Central Black Soil Region and the Krasnodar Region.
Scientific research is connected with the tourist-recreational design of the region. The results of the research are published in the scientific journal Vestnik VGU. Series Geography. Geoecology. " Employees of the Chair took an active part in the preparation and publication of the "Ecological-geographical Atlas-Book of the Voronezh Region"
Since 2011, the Chair regularly (once every two years) organizes a scientific and practical conference "Recreation and tourism in the regions of Russia".

Graduate employability

Volume of the disciplines under study allows graduates in the field of study Tourism to work successfully in travel agencies and tour operator companies, state tourism management services, management office of the Platonov Art Festival and educational institutions. Department graduates set up and their own travel agencies. Monitoring of the graduate employability shows that about 70% of the ex-students are in-demand by profession. It is evoked by the strong necessity to provide state institutions and private enterprises with the specialists with the complex of geographic and tourism knowledge, who is able to put the knowledge into practice.

Practical training of the students

Integrated tourist and geographic is aimed at theintroduction into the main components of tourist resources, consolidation of theoretical knowledge, received by the students during studying the following disciplines: general geographic consistent patterns of the Earth, local studies, organization of the touristic activity.

Landscape and recreational practice is devoted to the evaluation and analyses of the territory with the aim to develop tourist-recreational zones, consolidation of theoretical knowledge, received by the students during studying the following disciplines: landscape science, types and tendencies of tourism development, cultural and historical resources of the region.

International ecological and tourist practice is aimed at the introduction into the tourist resources of the Exterior Europe, which is represented as the potential region for the development of international tourism in Russia, consolidation of theoretical knowledge, received by the students during studying the following disciplines: foreign language, geography: natural-resources potential of continents and oceans, technology and organization of excursion services, health and wellness, tourist country studies.

Work practices of the students

Work organizational and management practice by profession is being launched within the enterprises of the regional recreational complex and travel agencies, on a contract basis with the university.

Goals of the work practice:

  • get the hang of collection, analyses and generalization of the data on functioning of enterprises with different legal organizational forms;
  • define specific activity of the enterprise;
  • describe the technology of tourist goods of services production within the enterprise base of the practice;
  • define the customer segment of the enterprise;
  • describe the working place of the trainee working duties;
  • get an overview of the external links of the organization with state and commercial structures.

Work scientific-research practice is being launched within the Russian and foreign organizations and institutions in the sphere of tour agency and tour operator activities, organizations in the sphere of hotel and tourist business, other tourist industry enterprises and organization departments of the Voronezh State University.

For successful completion of the work scientific-research practice students should:

    Have a knowledge of essence and specific features of scientific research, have a notion over variety, structure and application areas of empirical and theoretical methods; conceptual framework of social and economic research within the tourist industry, major sources and study approach of tourist economy and social science; advanced technological solutions in the sphere of tourism; application conditions and consistent pattern of scientific methods improvement; specific character of scientific research data accumulation within the sphere of tourism; consistent pattern of economic behavior in standard and substandard situations, forms of social and ethic responsibility for the made decisions.
    • Be able to get knowledge independently and apply it in professional activity; use modern scientific achievements in research works in the sphere of tourism; set goals and choose research approaches; conduct comprehensive analysis over tourist industry development issues.
    • Possess skills of search, analyses and systematization of scientific data; types of research data provision in the forms of reports, applied developments, reviews, publications, public presentations and discussions.



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