The laboratory was established in 1996 as an inter-departmental structural educational and scientific subdivision. It is equipped with personal computers (Pentium-IV), scanners, printer, projection machine.
Modern training of specialists: geographers, geo-ecologists, natural resource users and tourists requires PC literacy, which is useful the educational process and for further professional work of the graduates of the faculty. Students of all courses and specialties are trained and have the opportunity to engage in scientific work with the use of computer technologies. The training is organized gradually - from the basic course of computer science to a series of specialized professional courses and disciplines that require application of packages of experimental and specialized computer programs.
Each student should be able to make scientific work and documentation, make the necessary calculations, analyze information. Therefore, the basic course includes practical work with a standard package of application programs such as text and table processors, exposure to the creation and processing of data management systems databases. In addition, the students of the faculty develop practical skills in computer graphics. To do this, they are trained to create and process images in raster and vector graphics editors. At the next stages of training, GIS technologies are developed with the help of specialized packages such as MapInfo, ArcGis and others. Specialized software complexes of the Ecolog series (Prism, Mirror," Stalker ") are being used for the environmental design, environmental impact assessment, and the formation of environmental reporting of enterprises in training. Thus, students, graduated from the faculty, acquire a good computer base for working in such organizations as regional environmental services and analytical control units of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Supervision Service; industrial enterprises in the departments of environmental protection; Central Chernosem branch of FSUE "Goszemkadastrsemka"; Voronezh departments of geodesy; travel agencies; organizations engaged in landscape design; design institutes and scientific-research organizations, etc., as well as in educational institutions.




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